The Rise of “The Virus”

It would seem that deadly parasites are having a worldwide temper tantrum. Yes, you guessed it. I’m talking ’bout the coronavirus, or scientifically expressed, COVID-19. It is making itself extremely hard to ignore, and its separate names make that even more difficult. I haven’t had a day where “the virus” stays out of my conversations–for that matter, too, my thoughts aren’t safe from its infamous reputation as of now.

This is an interesting moment in history, and like all other such instances, it inspires a greater threat than the daily malaise. When dramatic crises erupt, petty squabbles become just that; it’s funny, in fact, because some local police department released a statement asking that all criminals be conscientious of the growing COVID/corona/virus threat and think before they commit unlawful deeds. If I could find the Tweet, I’d link to it, but alas, it has vanished into the Internet archives. Still, my logic applies. Everybody shrinks from their usual troubles and fears the unknown, and frankly, conflicting sources of information further those fears.

If any of youse were wondering, here’s the most creditable sources from which to get reliable and updated information:

Since I live in the United States, I am not trapped in as dire circumstances as somewhere like Italy, and as a matter of fact, has anybody checked on them in a while?

Oh, great. Somebody did.

Despite my okay standing in the States, as of yesterday, I have been forced to continue my college semester online. UCCS has shut down for the remainder of its Spring semester, and it is looking as though many other local colleges and public school districts will soon follow in its tracks. Crazy times, I tell you.

Have you seen the stores? Of course you’ve seen the stores; the news won’t stop talking about how people are ransacking them, and this is unfortunate mainly because the at-risk populations are then unable to adequately supply themselves and their families. Some folks I know have lost their jobs and are unsure of what to expect in the coming weeks. Congress can help, sure, but the fact of the matter is that these people are struggling through hardships cropping up to no seeming end.

I hope “the Virus” passes soon. It certainly has set the world afire, and we’re none of us the wiser to where its devastating effects will strike next.

Think daily,

A Southpaw

Photo 173591757 © Alberto Mihai –

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