About A Southpaw

My name is Will Boswell.

You’ll likely come to know me more as A Southpaw; but, if you ever feel like being friendly, feel free to call me Will–it’s what most people call me. And some just call me William or Will I. Am or–anyway, that’s the name down.

This is Thoughts of A Southpaw. Why? Well, I’m a southpaw–a leftie, one in a million, am I right? I see all these righties ruling the world and think, to myself, I don’t see any of you with a Thoughts of A Right-Hander site. That just doesn’t sound as interesting. Talk about common, yawn. 

The title pretty much states the purpose:

I think and I write about what I think.

Ooh, stellar news; alert the presses! Barry, tell NBC we got a live one here!

I am serious though. This is the culmination of all my thoughts and opinions and attempts at a stand-up routine that, when I propose it to my parents, they uncomfortably laugh to themselves. Hey, Mom, I think I’ll be the next Richard Pryor! She laughs, then says, Honey, Richard Pryor was black. Well, thanks, Ma; you didn’t think I couldn’t tell when I looked in the mirror?

I don’t do books anymore…typically. You will probably see some book posts and that was a while ago; but writing about other people’s stuff doesn’t have the same–what is it?–allure as it does writing about life and living and all that worldly shit.

You want to know more about me personally? Don’t know why, not that interesting of a guy, but if the inspiration does strike you, check out the How I Became Silent In A World Of Noise post. It covers a bit about me.

Well, I think that about does it. Pretty long summary as is.

Oh, one last thing.

Welcome to Thoughts of A Southpaw. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Think daily,

A Southpaw




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