Take A Load Off. Go On. Do It.

It is getting close to the time of year when laziness is not as frowned upon as in earlier seasons, like, say, Summer, or Spring–it is Winter, my friend, that cold burglar of energy, and the moment in which cookies and cakes and pies and television seem to be deemed…okay–for now.

Not that a long run won’t do you some good, because, hey, getting out on your favorite course and breathing in the chilly air, the type that burns your lungs, is a sensational experience. Side note: if you have not already done so, go out and run…I can wait here…trapped eternally in cyberspace…

Laziness does have its perks. Personally I can’t stop moving all day–the idea of sitting in front of the television and watching three shows straight through is mind boggling; however those of you reading this probably have different perspectives on the whole laziness versus fitness discussion. And maybe you have some fair points. It is possible.

I can think of at least one good thing to come out of laziness. Go on and guess.

Bzzzzzz! Wrong answer!

I was actually going to say…

Huh. I have no idea what to say. Let me do some more thinking here–talk amongst yourselves.

(In the background)

Okay…hm…hot chocolate is an option, oh, and so are movies…maybe squeeze Netflix in there. Let’s look at the notes…doo da doo…a ha! fireplaces! Wait…fireplaces? The hell do fireplaces have to do with laziness? Something about soothing flames–forget it! I hate these notes! There’s nothing on them but pictures of snowballs and chocolate! I’ll take a swing at it on my own…

You still here? Good. Oh…you’re still waiting for the answer. Right…well…

How does next Saturday sound? You open for ten o’ clock? I was thinking we could grab some coffee and talk it over.

You disagree. This is not going how I anticipated.

Excuse me a moment.

(In the background…again)

They said they hated coffee. Yes. They honestly hate coffee.  Well, I don’t know; I didn’t say if it was going to be Starbucks or not. What’s that? No…I was sort of thinking Dunkin Donuts. Geez! All right, all right, no cheap coffee! I get it! Look, would–would you–shut up for a second! Would you please give me some ideas? Okay, pen and paper…and go. Uh-huh…good stuff…yep…definitely! Thanks much.

Apologies for my distracted nature today. I happen to be suffering from a cold…cough-cough. Anyway, I got the goods. Let me unroll this paper…

And now, the one perk about laziness is…

Dang, out of time. Looks like I’ll have to tell you later. Business and all that…

I’ll catch you later?

(In the background…a third time)

Boy, are they dumb….I wonder what I’ll watch on Netflix tonight? 

Think daily, 

A Southpaw



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