Crushing Cherries

Allow me to introduce you all to a new phenomenon; and just so you know it is quite shy–what with it being shown off barely a minute after its initial creation.

With great pride I present: Crushing Cherries.

Yay. Toot those horns. Blow those trumpets. Wave those flags…but not in my face.

Ahem. Well. I suppose I should explain what Crushing Cherries signifies…

There has been, over some time–maybe a couple millennia, not too long–a separation between factions. What factions? Any factions. Nerds vs. Jocks; Dogs vs. Cats; Mice vs. Cats; Students vs. School Lunch; Sprinters vs. Milers; Humans vs. Other Humans…what? seriously?

These factions, I am sure, are familiar to most of you; but if you lived under a rock your whole life…perhaps this will be an education in, however unfortunate, humanity itself.

Eeek, sounds dramatic–bolts of red lightning and all that apocalypse shit.

But nothing is too dramatic for these courageous bloggers! Look at that one in the Wolverine sweatshirt–bad ass, my friend, bad ass; or the chick drinking three energy drinks at once! Insane!

Back to Crushing Cherries.

I cannot tell if any of you guys like cherries–personally I savor the chocolate covered ones; but, hey, my preference. All of you; however should know their appearance: a squishy dwarf apple with a red, or black, exterior; they are extremely fragile–with about the strength of a grape–and so crushing these cherries is easily done.

All right. I’m getting symbolic on your asses now.

For me the cherries represent barriers in our world. Everyone can think of at least one barrier they either wish would cease to be or love it and wish it a long and prosperous life; but of those two descriptions how many choose the former rather than the latter position?

I got no polls; but it does not take a scientist to figure this brainteaser.

With that in mind I tell myself I am the former–what a loser, he tells himself?

Hear me out.

Cherries are scattered across the world: in any building or park or restaurant; and for the most part their locations remain invisible. At the moment, exactly as you read this post, new cherries–larger and juicier cherries–are forming wherever groups of diverse people form.

What? Are there goggles for seeing them? No–who thought of that?

You have to look to see. Boy…could be a little more wise…Captain Obvious.

You have to search for the cherries; and once you have found one take your shoe–size does not matter here–and plant it smack dap on its bouncy top…and then?

Initiate the crushing.

Crushing Cherries is crushing barriers, of which we have many to squish and slide off our shoes like it’s a pile of dog crap or something. Yeah….I could not have put it more poetically. Robert Frost would be impressed.

So get busy searching. Crush cherries. And if people ask what the hell you’re doing kicking your foot in the air in the paint aisle at Wal-Mart, tell them you are making the world a cleaner place.

Of course–someone will have to mop up those juice puddles.

Think daily,

A Southpaw




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