Living High and Flying…High-Er?

I am in such a good mood. I’m serious. I think rainbows are going to shoot out of my eyes.

Finals are almost over; Senior year is almost over; and I just got some good news from a girl. What could–hold up, why would I say that? Never say that. It is a sure jinx.

Those darn jinxes.

Okay I’m doing a count; everyone raise their hands.

How many of you are in good moods?

Hey! That’s a great number–check it out, that’s, what, twenty of you? Should I recount?

Oh. There we go! Twenty one! Good on you!

You remaining two–the ones who didn’t raise their hands–please open your hands. I feel the need to boost your spirit; and so as a delightful token of my affection I am handing each of you an early Christmas present. No need to thank me. It’s socks and underwear.

The rest of you…will have to wait until Christmas morning. I know, I know; why give them their presents so early? Well, to put it frankly: maybe all you should have some bad days; and then you can expect an early box of assorted fruitcakes. Eh? Sound fair?

No. There is no time for recounts. Put your hand down.

But the point here is to bring out your happiness. Geez, I sound like one of those exercise training videos from the 80s: And now stretch your arms to the sky and bring out your inner strength…let it lift you higher than a sweat band flung into the air. 

Yeah. Exercise, which as a matter of fact is a proven way to boost happiness. Look at that–you learn something new every minute–dang, I screwed it up; I mean every day. Ignore me for a second. I’ll step back here…in the dark…and the shadows…and whisper…

[Ten hours later]

All right! I’ve had my nap and I am read-ay to part-ay! Oh…are you guys still here?

Put a smile on those faces. This isn’t the ending of Marley and Me; even though I did happen to drive home and pick up my dog…he had a flea infestation. It was baaad.

Do I seem more jittery than usual today? Is that a self conscious thing? Boy, maybe it’s the six pack of root beer I drank before sitting down at the chair; that, or the excitement of my mind!

How do you like ‘dem apples?  Good Will Hunting reference…eh?

Are you really leaving? I was only gone–I don’t know–ten minutes? Twenty minutes? Maybe an hour or two?

Well, before you go I want to pass out these small gifts. Yes, a toothbrush; I’m so thoughtful. And I wish you all a good rest of your day, or night…or midnight; hell, if you’re reading this in space you don’t even have a time.

And be happy! We need more smiles than frowns.

Think daily,

A Southpaw



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