pay it forward

Paying It Forward One Person At A Time

To those of you who have heard of the pay it forward movement, well, kudos to you; it is an honorable way of spreading kindness throughout the world, and I hope you have acted on instinct and helped at least one person since you knew of its existence.

To those of you who have not heard of the pay it forward movement, ask the person sitting next to you–they are likely to know of it or know of someone who has paid it forward–and once they tell you, thank them and give them a big high five. They deserve one. And it will make you feel great.

I mention pay it forward solely because my sociology teacher has given us an assignment to pay it forward to three people we know; one of these acts is to be a heartfelt letter to the person that has made a significant impact on you, and the other two acts are of your choosing. Sounds like an easy task, yes? Here’s the kicker: they have to be something big. 

We cannot scoot through the assignment by simply picking up a dropped pencil or telling someone they’re wearing a nifty jacket that day–although those are random acts of kindness–we have to impact their lives on a large level; and then ask them to pay it forward to three people of their choosing.

A domino effect.

When I think of who I want to help it sends shivers across my arms. Help improve three lives? Who could be so crazy as to devote time to such a crusade? Finding the right problem alone…

But I am not cowed.

I swear here to write a heartfelt letter to a person who has had a significant impact on my life.

I swear here to help improve the lives of two people, even if it gets difficult.

Movements of kindness can change the world–that is what I intend to do. And in writing about pay forward on my blog I am hoping whoever reads this post will pay it forward to three people of their choosing; and maybe together we can all change the world one person at a time.

Make a difference today.

Think daily,

A Southpaw