shades of gray

Shining In Shades Of Gray

Our world sees the human personality as divided into separate halves of black and white. From the moment you come into this…call it a skating rink of individuality through the arms of a nurse or a friend you have a certain shine about you. It does not mean you were dipped in a bucket of floor polish or wax; in fact the shine has less to do with the outside than it does with the inside.

Some are white. And some are black. But it seems there can be no in between. No one is allowed to switch sides. No one is allowed to grab their identification card and tear it up and say the hell with it. No one is allowed to do these things because the shades organize–they practice conformity. Follow the white light and seek out life. Follow the black light and seek out life.

But to follow the gray light?

There is a place out there, a nice place, where stands a door. What is the door? The door is what you wish it to be. Want a door made out of clouds? Make it happen. How about an old fashioned medieval head knocker? Go for it. Except the one unchangeable thing about this door is what lies behind it. Change the exterior to your content, but the interior is unknowable…until you turn the knob.

Most hesitate before opening the door when in actuality the hardest part is stepping inside the room–an empty space in which your personality must bloom and spread its seasoned tendrils from the other side.

The gray light flashes in there.

And as you are stepping carefully around the laughing blacks and whites of Our World you feel your shine slipping off your body. Watery colors leak from your clothes. Perception dwindles to a pinprick. And there comes a buzzing within your head–it may frighten you but stick with it–as if an alien is paralyzing your brain and distorting your features: it is anxiety towards reinvention.

And once you reopen your eyes you wonder how you avoided the gray for so long.

You shine in all shades–never limit yourself to black and white.

Think daily,

A Southpaw